Khudozhestvennyi Cinema

It is the oldest theatre in Moscow. On November 5, 1909 the newspaper "Russian News" wrote: "In a day or two a new "Khudozhestvennyi" electro-theatre will be opened in a building that was specially built on Arbat Square. The auditorium has 400 seats and a foyer with a luminous fountain".

Cinema Park on Yuzhnaya

Cinema Park on Yuzhnaya Movie Theatre opened on April 29, 2007, and became the third theatre of this chain in the capital. It is located on the third floor of the Global City shopping center.


Iskra movie theatre is one of the oldest children's theaters in Moscow. It opened in 1939 on the first floor of a seven-storey apartment building. In 2003, the theatre was completely renovated; all old projection equipment was replaced by new equipment. Metro: Timiryazevskaya.

Polet (Flight)

Having survived the difficult times of the perestroika, Polet movie theatre continued its life in the world of cinema despite its critical condition. After a long reconstruction period the theatre transformed into a kind of art space. Metro: Skhodnenskaya.

Kinostar De Lux Tyoply Stan

The first movie theatre in Russia to be managed by an American movie company. All the leaders of Paramount came to the opening ceremony, bringing with them movie stars Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron.

5 stars on Novokyznetskaya

Five Stars on Novokuznetskaya opened on January 13, 2005. The theatre has 6 comfortable showing rooms, equipped with the most modern technologies. The theatre has 2 showing rooms, for viewing movies in spectacular digital 3D.

Cinema Park Starlight on Bagrationovskaya

Cinema Park Starlight Movie theatre opened its doors at the end of May 2009, on the fourth floor of the new entertainment and shopping center of Filion. The shopping center is a three-minute walk away from Fili and Bagrationovskaya metro stations.

Formula Kino on Mozhayka

Formula Kino is the leader of Moscow's movie theaters. The theater is outfitted with the best equipment: giant screens, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound systems, and comfortable ergonomic chairs. Metro: Molodezhnaya.


In the 3-hall Triumph movie theater, all the halls are decorated in styles and traditions of famous international theaters. Cannes, Venice and Berlin screening halls. In this theater, you will feel like a jury member of a film festival.

Kronverk Cinema Waypark

Kronverk Cinema Waypark megaplex is the third Kronverk Theater in Moscow. It occupies the first floor of the Waypark entertainment and shopping center. Metro: Planernaya.