State Historical Museum

About 22 000 items are presented in the State Historical Museum on the area of 4 000 sq. m. M: Okhotny Ryad, Ploshchad Revolyutsii, Teatralnaya station.

State Darwin Museum

The State Darwin Museum was founded on 7 October 1907 by the young zoologist Alexander Kots. Today it is the largest natural and scientific museum of Europe. Exposition tells about history of evolution theory, variety of life on the Earth, variability and genetic background, natural selection and struggle for existence in the nature. M: Akademicheskaya, Leninsky Prospekt, Universitet.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art was opened to public on 15 December 1999. M: Pushhkinskaya.

Vernadsky State Geological Museum

The Vernadsky State Geological Museum founded based on M. V. Lomonosov`s idea, has received the modern status in 1988. M: Okhotny Ryad, Aleksandrovsky sad.

Y. A. Orlov Museum of Paleontology

The Y. A. Orlov Museum of Paleontology is rightfully considered as one of the largest natural and historical museums of the world. Museum history goes back to Kunstkamera founded by Peter the First in 1716 where strange findings of skeleton fragments of the ancient animals were provided. Now exposition area of the museum comprises about 5 000 m2. Wealthy and variable interior design enables to feel tactile contact with the past epoch secrets. M: Teply stan.

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography was founded by its owners Natalia Grigorieva and Edward Litvinsky. This is a platform, which is designed for working with professional photographers, photographic collections, photo exhibitions and photo galleries. M: Kropotkinskaya.


State Museum of the Gulag

The State Museum of GULAG History was founded in 2001; its exhibition was first opened in 2004. The Museum’s founder, Anton Antonov-Ovseenko, a well-known historian, writer and public figure, was himself a prisoner of Stalin’s labor camps.

Museum of falconry