GOODMAN - this is the first chain of classic steakhouses in Moscow.

Rybny Bazar (Fish market)

The “Rybny Bazar” is an elegant restaurant immersed into thoughtful romantic mood. The “Rybny Bazar” lures its guests not only with the quiet serene atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant is entirely directed to healthy eating habits.


Bouillabaisse is laid out in the simplest possible plan, with the effect of creating fascinating interplays of light and shadow, texture and space.


Moscow restaurant Bizon is intended for lovers of good meat.

Filimonova and Yankel

Filimonova and Yankel – this is the restaurant where people enjoy fish and seafood.


The founders of the legendary restaurant Buyabes, which won a reputation of one of the most luxury fish restaurants long ago, introduce to your attention the new fish restaurant PESHI, which is located at the beginning of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Empress Hall

Chef Viktor Khlopov is looking after harmony of tastes and variety of European cuisine dishes in Empress Hall. He is offering you the culinary masterpieces of the Imperial table.


This legendary Moscow eatery keeps up its reputation, although it changes chefs from time to time. The interior is still the same: a hall with aquariums and a hall with clear floor and carps dabbling underneath. Menu is a sea eclectics: Mediterranean, Russian and Eastern tastes.

La Maree

The main trump of theLa Mareerestaurant and boutique is that it is also a big company trading in fresh fish and seafood supplying delicacies to mostMoscowrestaurants.

5 oborotov

The 5 oborotov beer restaurant chain. The spacious rooms in the traditional beer-hall style: bricks walls, big tables with couches, warm amber light with low lighting hung around the restaurant. M: Lubyanka, Teatralnaya and Kuznetsky Most Stations.