Architecture Buildings

The Kremlin

Most every country has a central shrine, a place that without a shadow of a doubt serves as the face of that nation and is recognizable from any vantage point. For Russia, this symbol is the Moscow Kremlin.

Savvinskoe Poddvorye

The building of Savvinskoe Poddvorye (Savvinskoe Metochion) in magical Russian style, an architectural monument of federal significance, was built in 1907 by architect I.S. Kuznetsov (1867 – 1942).

Melnikov’s House

Architect KS Melnikov created a mock-up of a “Model Apartment House” in 1927.Architect KS Melnikov created a mock-up of a “Model Apartment House” in 1927. It was an unprecedented case in the Soviet period of Moscow history that the City Government issued an official permission for a plot in a capital’s down-town and granted a loan in the State Bank for an individual house constraction in compliance with the presented project. The Melnikov’s House was built in 1929. The building’s composition constitutes of two cylinders of equal diameter and different height incut inside of each other.

Paskov’s House

The main house of the Mansion that belonged to Captain-Leiutenant P.Pashkov is the most beautiful building in the Russian classicism style. Architect v.Bazhenov built the house in 1784-1787. The Muscovites used to call this four-storied white stone mansion with two side wings and a belvedere crowned with a spire “a magic castle on the hill”.

Moscow House

This is among the best detached houses in the Moscow Empire style. It was built in 1826-1827 for V. Glebova.

The Chamber’s of Averky Kirillov

The chambers of Duma’s Clerk Averky Kirillov build in 1656-1657 make one of the most well-known dwellings of the 17th century.

Demidov’s Mansion

When strolling in the Bolshoj Tolmachevskiy Lane, you cannot pass through and not notice a gorgeous cast-iron fence with the elms, the cast bas-relieves and a forget grating of unique pattern.

The Moscow Metro (Tube)

Brief history of metro. 15 may 1935 is considered the official date of "birth" of the Moscow metro. It is a living organism that is constantly growing, new stations, growing lines, complemented by transitions.

The Moscow Kremlin's Towers

To gain entrance to the Kremlin in earlier times, drawbridges were used which were protected by bridgehead towers. Seeing inside the towers is not permitted, but their appearance alone is amazing.


An architecturally unique town church, built at the beginning of the 17th century, seemingly transports you back to a more slow-paced atmosphere away from the bustle of the modern megapolis. M: Proletarskaya