Russian Academic Youth Theatre

The Russian Academic Youth Theater settles down in an ancient building of the architect of O.Bove in the center of Moscow, on the Theatre square.

State Theatre of Actor

The Theater of film actors is the world's first standing theatrical union of film actors. The history of theater is a special story, both in the annals of the national cinema, and in the history of Russian theater.

Children's Musical Theater of N. Sats

M: University.

Bolshoi Theatre

The gala concert has begun a new stage in life of ancient and eternally young Bolshoi theatre on 28th of October, 2011.


December 9, 1999 was the opening ceremony of the theater Most - the world's first student theater receiving state status. Musicals, comedies, romances, lyrical tales, poetic fantasies with elements of farce and drama - the diversity of genre in theater productions allows MOST today to gain a wider audience. The activity is not limited repertory theater performances. The theatre organizes annual city-wide youth festivals such as "Tatyana's Day" in City Hall, the ball for college graduates "Young Lions" and others, as well as the International Festival "Student's mask." M: Pushkinskaya.


M: Krasnopresnenskaya.


September 2006, the puppet theater "Albatross" opened its 10th jubilee season. For the puppet theater every 10 years is an entire life time. Founded in 1996 by the award winning actor of the S.V.Obraztsov State Academic Central Puppet Theater V.K. Mihitarov, the theater is still alive and growing.

Children's Book Theatre, "Magic Lamp"

M: Turgenevskaya.

Children's puppet show

The word marionette comes from the French word Marion, marionette. In medieval mystery plays, this is what the small figure depicting the Virgin Mary was called. The most simple puppet is a doll on a stick with which the puppeteer makes the puppet move.

Children's Theatre «A-YA»

M: Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya.