Niculin’s Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard - is the oldest in Russia. More than 125 years ago, building on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was built for Albert Salamonskiy circus a merchant of Danilov office. When October 20, 1880 the circus accepted the first spectators, there were 5 rows of chairs, boxes, mezzanine, second place, with wooden benches and unnumbered standing gallery.

Circus on Vernandskiy Prospect

The Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue (opened in 1971) - is the world's largest stationary circus (3.3 thousand seats). It has rapidly shifting arena (horse riding, skating, illusion, for water the pantomime extravaganza, light systems, radio, film, sound, lighting and other devices).

Circus in a temp «Inantemp»

Circus in Brateevo is affiliated with "the Russian State Circus Company," as well as a great cultural and entertainment center in the Southern District of Moscow.

Circus of Dancing Fountains "Aquamarine"

The circus dancing fountains "Aquamarine", is the only in the world, opened September 19, 2009 with the show - play "Sails" with acrobats, clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers and trained animals. Famous artists demonstrate the winning numbers of circus art festivals, including the most prestigious competition in Monte Carlo.

Circus of Large Animals in Sokolniki

The Circus of Large Animals is operating in a temporary arena in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park, where foreign artists and around 30 animals from 15 species perform, including elephants and giraffes.