Concert Halls

Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall changes one's concept of what a concert hall should be like. Crocus City Hall is the only multi-functional hall in Russia with 6,200 seats. The hall was opened on October 25th, 2009, by the businessman Aras Agalarov in honor of his friend, the singer and musician Muslim Magomaev.

Palace at the Yauza River

Surely, Palace at the Yauza River can be considered to be one of the best theater and concert halls of Moscow.

Moscow Composer House

Since February 2000, the All-Union Composer House was renamed in "Moscow Composer House", and hall of USSR Composer Union founded in 1964 started sounding with new melodies that had been as qualitative as old. This hall was the most famous House of the city creative intellectuals for the whole history.

Performing Arts Center (MMDM)

MMDM (Moscow International Performing Arts Center) is a modern center of performing arts, which hasn't analogous in Russia.

Chamber Hall of Moscow Philharmonic Society

The Chamber Hall of Philharmonic Society is generally provided for concerts that are not for sophisticated audience and not extremely popular. The Hall includes 95 seats. It was opened on 10 December 2007. Composer Rodion Schedrin and young musicians N. Borisoglebskiy (violin) and B. Andrianov (cello) took part in the opening ceremony of a new concert area.

Concert Hall of the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music

The Hall of the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music is placed just in the center of the capital. It is rightfully considered to be one of the best concert halls of the city. There is an excellent acoustics in the hall, and it is provided for concerts, as well as for theater performances.

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall is one of the largest concert halls of Moscow. Since the beginning of ХХI century, it was represented as the main concert areas of the Moscow Philharmonic Society.

The Small Hall of Conservatory

The Small Hall of Conservatory was opened in 1898 with "Musical Morning Sacred to Memory of Tchaikovsky" concert that had been sacred to five years of death of the Great Russian composer.

State Kremlin Palace

The Kremlin Palace has been constructed in 1961. Till 1992 carried the name the Kremlin palace of congresses.


"Olympiysky" - unique multipurpose sports-entertainment object of Russia which by right is considered sight of Moscow. It has been constructed to XXII Moscow Olympic games of 1980.