Estate museums

Museum Archangelskoe

The Memorial estate "Arkhangelskoe" is in a Krasnogorsk area of Moscow Region, on 20 kilometers to the west of Moscow. This manor - a unique monument of Russian art culture. The manor is mentioned for the first time in 30th years of XVI century, as "village Upolozy on the river on Moscow".

Moscow Ostankino Estate Museum

The Ostankino Estate Museum is a unique architectural and artistic monument linked to the history of both Russian and European theatre arts. The estate’s architectural ensemble has taken four centuries to shape. At the end of XVIII century the land of boyars with a pond (XVI century), the Holy (Life-Giving) Trinity Church (XVII century), a manor and an oak park are evolved into the grand summer residence of Count Nikolai Sheremetev with a palace and a park.

State Museum of Ceramics and the 18th Century Kuskovo Estate

The Kuskovo Estate is a unique monument of XVIII century artistic culture. Luxurious summer residence of Counts Sheremetev which provided “countless pleasure and amenities” was intended for pompous parties, crowded theater festivals and open-air parties.

Manor of Princes Golitsyn - Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki

The Museum of Russian Estate Culture is located in the territory of estate complex “Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki” which history started 300 years ago. The museum is devoted to the history of estate and its owners – Count Stroganov and Prince Golitsyn and also to the Russian estate culture of XIX – beginning of ХХ centuries.