Art Galleries

Moscow state picture gallery of national Artist of the USSR Shilov

This is a gallery for those interested in art that is both realistic and modern at the same time. There are no courageous acts or dramatic performance art in this museum, although you will find an extensive gallery of portraits depicting both the famous and the ordinary alike. There is also a display of landscapes and still-lifes. The collection contains over 900 works by the artist. M: Borovitskaya.

Art gallery Nagornaya

It is the first regional exhibition hall in the capital, that was opened 30 years ago. At that time a lot of avocational artists found lodgment in here: it was an experiment. It appeared to be successful and Moscow government took a decision to create the State Exhibition Hall «Gallery Nagornaya».

Art Gallery Anna and Yuriy Mirakov

Considerable collection of the West-European paintings and engravings of XVII-XX centuries. The works of the prominent artists from the 1960s and ‘70s, as well as the works of contemporary artists, sculptors and photographers.

Showroom gallery &quotArtefakt&quot

Association of over 20 galleries, representing painting and applied arts. Large collection of the Soviet and West European paintings and engravings.

International Art Gallery Heritage

It presents the original, interesting, and sometimes absolutely multi-faceted artists, whose oeuvre covers almost whole the range of the presently existing styles and trends in the modern art.

Gallery Alla and Aleksnadr

Specialization - modern art of Russia, It presents the magnificent collections of the works of talented native artists: painting, engraving, and monumental arts.

Gelos Auction House

Gelos Auction House is the largest auction house of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States providing a full range of services on the national antiques market.


"M'ars" is the Moscow gallery of art created on the 21st of July, 1988. Projects of this gallery are aimed to involve the viewers into the multimedia space and to pass them an unusual emotional experience through interaction with the interactive environment. Large-scale exhibitions and festivals involving both Russian and foreign artists are regularly held there.


«Workstation» Coworking