Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya

A building of the synagogue was originally villa of famous Russian financier Lazar Polykov. In 1883 it part was reconstructed according to the Easter style under guidance of architect M.N. Chichagov and transferred to the synagogue. Noteworthy, that a secret underpass for rescue of Jews in case of possible massacres was constructed in the prayer hall.

Synagogue in Maryina Roscha (MJCC)

It is a unique synagogue constructed in the period of Soviet system. Then in 1926, it was a small log cabin. It stood almost seventy years, and Jewish life wasn't stopped there even for a day: prayers, circumcisions, weddings... The synagogue was burnt in the fire in 1993. Impressive seven-floor Moscow Jewish Community Center was built instead of burnt building and it was opened solemnly by main Russian rabbi Berl Lazar and Russian President Vladimir Putin in September 2000. Tel-Aviv chief architect Israel Godovich designed this building.

Moscow Choral Synagogue

Synagogue in Bolshoy Spasoglintsevskiy Lane (former Arkhipov Street) is a poster child for the fact what synagogue means in Russia.

Synagogue in Otradniy

Community if this synagogue chose name "Darkey Shalom" that means "Peace Ways" in translation from Hebrew. Jewish religious Tradition teaches to construct relations with neighboring nations exactly on the basis of peace and consent. Community head, rabbi Dovid Karpovm says: "We believe that this is the shortest way, which brings us and the whole mankind to the final and completed Redemption soon".

Memory Temple (Memory Synagogue) at the Hill of Respectful Salutation

The Memory Synagogue, as well as St. George the Victorious Temple and Memory Mosque, is included in the complex of the Hill of Respectful Salutation. Its opening took place later than all, in October 1998, and it was symbolizing contribution of Hebrews (as well as Christians and Muslims) in the Great Victory.