Cathedral Mosque

The doors of the mosque have not been closed even for one day during the entire period of its existence. There was no any Friday without public worship even during the heaviest time in the mosque history. The Cathedral Mosque had played an important role in history of the Muslims of not only Moscow, but the Soviet Union and Russia.

Historical Mosque

Moscow Historical Mosque was established in 1823 and it is the oldest one among the working mosques of the capital. According to data received from the correspondence of senior officials of Moscow of that time, there was a mosque in Moscow before the 1823 yet it became worthlessness in 1812 when the Napoleon's troops had taken the city.

Memorial Mosque at Poklonnaya Hill

Memorial Mosque at Poklonnaya Hill was erected in 1995–97 on initiative of Moscow Government and Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of European Russia (SDMER). A laying stone with inscription: "In memory of perished Muslim soldiers during the Great Patriotic War – the sons and the daughters of our multinational Motherland the Memorial Mosque will be erected on initiative of Moscow Government and Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Central European Russia" was placed in the 11th March 1995. The author of mosque projects – is well-known Moscow architect Iliyas Tajiev. Peculiarities of various architectural schools of Muslim East are combined in the mosque exterior: Tatar, Uzbek, and Caucasian.

Yardyam Mosque

This mosque is the part of Spiritual and Educational Complex in Otradnoe District of Moscow. Shiite mosque 'Inam', Orthodox Church and synagogue form this complex. Its construction has commenced in autumn 1996 on initiative and at the expense of Charity Fund for the Tatar Spiritual Heritage Development "Khilyal".

Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Moscow Cathedral Mosque is the main mosque of Moscow and one of the biggest and most beautiful structures of this kind in Russia and Europe. The Cathedral Mosque also houses a museum and a store.