New multifunctional space in the very heart of the city combines coffee shop and coworking.

Wooden Door

The anti-café/anti-pub Wooden Door is situated on the territory of the estate of the Furniture Museum.

Listya-Light Café

A small establishment with sufficiently modest prices (the average bill is around 500-1000 roubles). For regular guests the café operates a discount system. There is a takeaway service, free Wi-Fi, and one can book a table online.

Vabi-Sabi Cafe

Wabi sabi in Japanese means "modest simplicity." The cafe invites you to experience the elusive magic that is wabi sabi and its simply perfect traditional Japanese dishes. The Wabi Sabi city cafe chain does its utmost not to be distracted from its mission, to put its diners in contact with the "modest simplicity" of Japanese aesthetics.


Lights. The ilovecafe restaurant chain brings different types of restaurants and cuisines, from European, Italian, and fusion under one roof, all dedicated to-quality, fresh ingredients, and tasty food. M: Sukharevskaya Station.

12 Tables

A good book and a cup of fragrant, well-brewed coffee is an ideal way to spend some time at the Twelve Tables Coffee House. The Medvedkovo House of Books contains a cozy, stylish cafe where one can take a favorite book off the shelf and read for a while.


Ètre translates from French as "to be." Art is boundless, endless, art as it should be. It's a reasonably-priced, urban cafe where you can spend an evening in a relaxed atmosphere or the boisterous company of friends, have dinner with the family or watch an interesting show, see the next art exhibit, or enjoy musical experiments.

First Coffee

First Coffee is a cosy, homey Italian coffee shop run by chef Vasco Boiardo, who spoils his guests with his spectacular desserts. His bartenders have won-Flair Castle International Bartender Championships. M: Belorusskaya Station.


A very beautiful spot for live jazz. An elegant and cozy interior with a uniquely warm atmosphere. The menu may be minimalistic, but everything is of the highest quality. Prices are below average.

The Upside-Down Cake

The Upside-Down Cake Coffee House can accommodate orders of any size, from miniature cupcakes all the way up to unbelievably large cakes and pies. Its desserts are timeless classics recognized throughout the world. M: Belorusskaya Station.