SПБ bars

What do you need for a wonderful day? A satisfying dinner, strong coffee, and the company of good friends. What do you need for a great evening? A satisfying supper, the company of good friends, and a sea of beer! Although... it's enough just to have a SEA of BEER! And SPB BAR on MARKSISTSKAYA!!! Go right ahead and have a great time!

Fuller’s Pub

Fuller’s Pub is the first and unique pub in Moscow for the present, in its heart. In other words, it is 800 square meters of England just hear to the Kremlin. Everything here as in a real English pub: draught beer of first rank (more than ten grades, including brand-name!) and superb choice of whisky.

LEPS BAR (Ginzaproject)

A real gift for fans of karaoke – in the heart of Moscow has opened a classy, respectable karaoke bar LEPS.

Bosco Bar

BOSCO BAR is located on the first floor of 1-st GUM line, occupying 400 square meters. It is possible to enter it both from Red Square and from the 1st GUM line, passing through BOSCO Donna, BOSCO Sport and Iceberg Shops. BOSCO BAR is the newest of three BOSCO restaurants also including BOSCO Café in GUM and L’Altro BOSCO Café in Petrovsky Passage.

Scotch pub Doctor Scotch

The first Scotch Musical Pub “Doctor Scotch” in Moscow – this is the atmosphere of old and kind Scotland of the 60-70th.

Baga Bar

If you are looking for deserving clubs not far away from metro stations Mitino, Tushino or Volokolamskaya in Krasnogorsk district, then Baga Bar is an ideal decision. Baga Bar provides discounts for business lunches. At any time you can find enormous choice of alcohol drinks in the bar with the most democratic prices.


The conception of the establishment is a classical wine bar where you can drink some wine or buy a bottle of the drink you like.

Jolly Dog Pub

There are such restaurants which people visit as if come home: frequently and with pleasure. They are kindly welcome. Almost all visitors know each other and are friends since they meet very often in Jolly Dog Pub

Café and Bar Cocktail

Café and Bar Cocktail is a unique place with the inimitable atmosphere and the unfamiliar and qualitatively new format for the capital.


The Korston Entertainment City Sports Bar is a meeting place for all sports devotees, athletes themselves and their fans.