A new sports bar with 70 screens, four projectors, and 24-hour online broadcasts of sports events. A paradise for sports lovers. Cuisines: Russian, Italian, European, Japanese. Metro: Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleyevskaya.


The famous F1 bar is the place for venturous fans of sports, Formula 1, football, ice hockey, and billiards. Guests can stay in shape by warming up with hot and cold snacks as they watch their favorite sports shows.

Fox Terrier, etc.

Fox-terrier, Etc. is a cozy bar in the basement of an old merchant’s mansion in Taganka. Sixty-five seats, arched ceilings, and wooden furniture make it something in between a Middle Ages tavern and a Baltic beerhouse.


Sportcafe is a great bar to spend your time and watch your favorite team play. The café menu offers snacks to any taste. 15 minutes walk away from the bar there is a bookmaker’s office where you can bet on the game result. Metro: Arbatskaya, Alexandrovskiy Sad, Smolenskaya.

Admiral Benbow

An excellent restaurant and bar for any mood, any taste, and any situation. The hall can seat 50 people comfortably. The cuisine is European. Sports games and competitions are broadcast on TV screens. Metro: Skhodnenskaya.

Johnnie Green

You must come to Johnnie Green if you believe in leprechauns – you might meet one here. They say it was Johnnie Green the leprechaun who carried a real Irish pub all the way from a Dublin suburb to Moscow and gave it his name. Metro: Alexeyevskaya.


The most important criteria for pub guests are a merry atmosphere, a cozy feeling, friendly guests, and democratic and understandable, not-too-sophisticated food.


This bar is truly an island of real Britain in the very heart of Moscow. The Albion bar has been reborn and is now even more like a good old English pub. A great selection of genuine beer and snacks. Metro: Okhotny Ryad.


Shooters is a great sports bar with democratic prices and a warm atmosphere. There is a variety of American and European cuisines and an affordable wine card with a great cocktail selection. Metro: Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleyevskaya.

Loco Park

Loco Park is a sports bar with a great selection of strong drinks, various beers, and cocktails. Be it a dinner party, a birthday, or a corporate celebration, you will always feel comfortable here.