Tour buro

Central City Travel and Excursion Bureau

Initiative group of professionals in the field of excursion business, decided to recreate a pre-existing Сentral Moscow City Bureau travel and tours for upscale excursion product.

Travel and Excursion Office ABM

Travel and Excursion Office ABM offers boundless opportunities for recreation in Russia. Moscow, the Moscow Area, and week-end trips across the Golden Ring. One of the key specializations of the Company is organization of tours in Moscow for foreigners.

Excursion to the museum of M. Bulgakov

The Museum of M. Bulgakov regularly conducts excursions for students and adults.

Moscow Free tour

The philosophy of Moscow Free tour is love and pride for Russia's cities and the country as a whole. The tourist company Moscow Free tour is always willing to share their passion and love for the country and its cities with guests of the Capital.

Street Adventure

The company Street Adventure offers Muscovites and guests to the Capital an interesting way to learn about the cultural heritage of Moscow and other cities by just taking part in games.

Tourcompany "Russkii Renessans"

The tourcompany «Russkii Renessans» carries out the activity since 2002. We have finance guarantee and in according with law of Rusia we are operators in International incoming tourism. We do informal ivitations for incoming foreing tourists.


MoskvaHod offers the best Moscow guides. MoskvaHod invites historians, architects, restorers, journalists and philologists as guides. All these professionals are united with love to Moscow. Each one of them is ready not only to show Moscow to Muscovites and tourists, but to show his own city, tell stories related to the city, reveal his favourite places as well. That is why strolling across Moscow with MoskvaHod is very personal - it is like no one other story, it is a true ode to Moscow.

Association of guides and tour managers

Association of guides and tour managers in Moscow includes more than 800 persons. The major objective of the Association is an integration of professional accredited guides-translators, tour guides and tour managers, protection of professional and legal rights, enhancement of professional cooperation, as well as assistance to development and enhancement of business-like co-operation of guides-translators, tour guides and tour managers of the Russian Federation with foreign colleagues, Russian and foreign tourist organizations and businesses.

Moscow City Excursion Office

Moscow City Excursion Office offers a wide variety of group and individual bus excursions on historical, literary, town-planning and fine art topics, as well as across near Moscow manors, towns of near Moscow area and the Golden Ring.

City Excursion Office

City Excursion office was founded in 2008 on the instructions of the first deputy mayor of Moscow, L.I.Shvetcova; it is a department of the SCI “Association of museums “Moscow museum.” The excursion program of City Excursion Office is represented with over 80 topic dedicated to issues of modern city, historical epoch of XII-XXI, history of single streets and buildings. It introduces to traditions of Moscow hospitality and originality of Moscow culture.