Book shops

Bookmarket on Baumanskaya

"Books on Baumanskaya" (Dom Knigi) offers a large selection of books, maps, sheet music, calendars, post cards and office products.

Bookstore "Medvedkovo"

Bookstore "Dodo. Magic Bukrum "

The NINA Book Gallery

The "NINA" Book Gallery offers a large selection of books with various themes: archival matters, bibliography, library, geographical science, magazines, art, history and much more.

Shop of children's books


The trade house “Biblio-Globus” was founded in Moscow in 1957. “Biblio-Globus” is a successor of the best enlighteners’ traditions in book trade of XIX and XX centuries. This bookshop is a real club of booklovers; it unites in its cultural space people of different professions, interests and nationalities.


The history of this famous bookshop began on November 5, 1958, when a bookshop №100 was solemnly opened on Gorky street. Soon after, it was given the name “Moscow.”

Moscow Book House

The official opening of “Moscow Book House” took place on September 25, 1967. The total square of the shop is 4,500 sq.m., where sales floor occupies 3,600 sq.m.. There are 13departments in the bookshop, including naturalistic and scientific, scientific and technical, political and social and economic, teaching and educational, belles-lettres, subscription publications, school supplies and stationery, souvenirs, good offices, second-hand, and philately. There is a conference hall as well.

The book House “Molodaya Gvardiya”

The shop “Molodaya Gvardiya” was opened on March 1974 on Bolshaya Polyanka street and in no time became one of the leading bookshops in Moscow.

The bookshop «Bukva»

The shop network “Bukva” in Moscow belongs to the publishing house “AST”. At Soviet time, in this building there was a bookshop of publishing house “Progress”, so reading audience used to purchase books “on Zubovsky” continue buying books nowadays.