Kid shops


Clothing and accessories store for newborns, future mothers and kids under the age of 10. Premaman was established in 1953 and today is one of the world's largest companies producing and selling the full range of goods for future mothers and children from ages 0 to 10. Metro: Sokol.

Mother Care

Clothing and accessories store chain for future mothers and newborns. Mothercare operates in Moscow since 1961. The stores also offer clothing and shoes for children aged 0 to 10 years. Metro: Oktyabrskaya.


Multi brand boutique. Clothing and shoes for kids and teenagers: Christian Dior, Diesel, Gianfranco Ferre, Iceberg, I Pinco Pallino, La Perla, Les Copains, Moschino. Metro: Leninsky Prospect.

Detskiy mir

«Detskiy mir» («Child’s world») brand has existed in Russia for more then 50 years. By now it has become a branching network of children’s shops. During long years of work in the network special traditions have been formed which have permitted to grow many generations of young Moscow citizens and guests of the capital. The combination of traditions and desire to keep up with increasing needs has helped «Detskiy mir» reach a new level of development — creation of a national store chain of children’s shops of the 21st century.


Korablik is a branching network of children’s stores in Moscow and Moscow region with a variety of more then 10 000 goods of internationally-known manufacturers. The variety includes clothes for children at the age of 0 to 7, baby food, furniture, toys, means for childcare and cosmetics.


«DETI» stores network situated in Moscow presents a choice of 30 thousand goods for children at the age of 0 to 12 as well as their mothers. There is always baby food, means for childcare, cots, strollers, playpens, furniture for children’s rooms, chairs for feeding, child safety seats, swings, sport complexes, clothes, child’s cosmetics, toys, bicycles, electromobiles, baby walkers, push cars and much more on sale. «DETI» stores network presents goods of leading international brands and Russian manufacturers as well as goods of its own brand.


«BABY BOOM» - real family holidays, a place where you can buy everything that a mother-to-be and children at the age of 0 to 16 need!

Dochki and Sinochki

In supermarkets for newly born and preschool children « Dochki and Sinochki» in Moscow there is a huge variety of products from more then 500 suppliers from Russia and foreign countries. In «Dochki and Sinochki» supermarkets you can find goods of all categories: baby knitting, wearing apparel, clothes for preschool children, accessories for feeding, toys, cots, beds, bicycles, chairs, baths, potty-chairs, mattresses, bedding, gift sets, children’s cosmetics, goods for newly born, underwear for expectant and nursing mothers and much more.


One of the networks of salons for children and mothers-to-be in Moscow is named «Kenguru» («Kangaroo»). For children of all ages there are collections of clothes from famous European designers – from casual clothes to models for special occasions. In the salons you can buy furniture for children’s rooms, shoes and accessories, all necessary for feeding, hygiene and safety of babies. Here you can also find goods for traveling and, of course, toys. For mothers-to-be there are collections of clothes, lingerie and all necessary items.


Do you need to buy many goods for children, from clothes and shoes to cuddly toys? You do not want to search for shops in Moscow that sell goods for children? Then you should visit children’s shopping and entertainment centre «Aerobus».