Art Antique

We've organized Art Antique, a dynamic structure on the antiques market with a constantly expanding collection, in order to unite all those people who need to communicate with old things, who have knowledge about times gone by, and who feel like a part of the eternal flow of events in the history of culture.

The Antique shop on Maslovka

The Moscow antique shop «On Maslovka» will be interesting to collectors and is simple to fans ancient and period furniture, porcelain and glass, bronze, icons, Russian and West European painting and a drawing, to numismatists and other not indifferent people.

The Antiquary on Mjasnitsky

One of the best Moscow antiquarian salons "the Antiquary on Mjasnitsky". Here are on sale, bought and accepted on the commission: antiquarian books; Russian painting; old engravings, lithographs; jewels from gold with jewels, ornaments from silver and table silver, coins; bronze, antiquarian hours; ancient figurines; products from porcelain (LPF , Meissen, Verbilki, Konakovo, Chudovo, Dulevo); subjects of a life and other subjects of the Russian olden time.

Antiquarian salon the Hyacinth

In the Moscow antiquarian salon the most worthy and interesting copies of antiques have tried to select the Hyacinth, each of which stores the history.

The antique shop «Elite Antique»

The antiques shop «Elite of Antik» is located in Moscow on the Kutuzovsky prospectus, д.24. Here it is possible to buy or sell olden time subjects, collection and branded alcohol. In salon accept antiques on commission sale, provide appropriate leaving and storage. The antique shop incurs duties of the appraiser that can be useful not only before sale of subjects of olden time, but also at insurance. Also in shop it is possible to spend gemology antiques and jewels.

Auction House Cabinet

Since September, 2006 the auction house "Kabinet" Russian painting and a drawing XVIII - XIX centuries », фалеристики and numismatics« Awards, medals, signs on the Russian empire spends in Moscow auctions of old art.

Antiques on Volhonka

«The antiques on Volhonka» offer antiques in Moscow more than 20 years. The basic directions of work of our salon: purchase, sale and antiques reception on the commission, consultation in antiquarian subjects, recommendations and selection of subjects of antiques for inquiries of clients. In antiquarian salon the antiques in all its assortment are presented: a bronze sculpture; porcelain - decorative vases, services, a porcelain sculpture; antiques from silver; painting; ancient jewelry, antiquarian icons; hours and many other things.

Ancient engravings

Company "Dzherald Benjamin Kompani" (trade mark «Ancient engravings») is based in 2002 and has in Moscow two shops. In the Russian market it is the unique company which specialises exclusively on the antiquarian printing drawing.

The Antique shop the Collection of antiquities

The antique shop «Collection of antiquities» in Moscow carries out sale, purchase and reception on realisation of subjects of antiques. In «the Collection of antiquities» it is possible to sell or buy icons, pictures, antiquarian household products from silver and other materials art antiquarian bronze, antiquarian and modern jewels, antiquarian porcelain, antiquarian hours, modern hours of known world marks, ancient coins, signs and awards and another. Experts of shop will be glad to estimate and sell ancient icons, pictures of old masters and other antiquarian subjects.

Antiquarian gallery Sean

In the Moscow gallery "Sean" traditional products of the most ancient cultures of China and Japan are widely presented. It can be items made by masters of antiquity, ivory, ceramics, porcelain, cloisonne, fine wood and bamboo.