Forza karting Volgogradka, Entertainment Center

Forza karting Volgogradka is a karting, a bar, a karting school and free Wi-Fi. Roofed track. Carts with the capacity of 6.5 and 9 HP, two-seat – with the capacity of 9 HP.

Karting Club «10 inches»

The Karting Club «10 inches» was opened in Moscow on the 12th of October 2001. This is the only large indoor karting, located in the center of the city. The club has a covered route with the length of 350 m and the width of up to 6 m with the S-shaped chicanes, turns for 180 degrees and a long start line.


To spend a holiday on the road the DIXXodrom has the main room with a transparent stained-glass window looking on the karting, there is also the required clothing and protection for the race, four assembled tents, stands for the fans, a basketball court, a plasma TV and music support. - ATV rent with the possibility of riding in the beautiful forest near Moscow.

Le Mans, Karting Club

Karting club Le Mans is a roofed track with the length of 550 m, the total area of 3,500 sq.m. it is possible to hire Italian carts for adults (9 HP) and for children from 5 years (6.5 HP).

«Adult Games», Karting Club

Karting Club "Adult Games" unites a karting, a café and a karting school. There is an open track, for 8 carts with the capacity of 9 HP.

Russian Karting School "Pilot"

The Russian Karting School "Pilot" offers a karting, a karting school, track rental and competitions. There is an open track with the length of 968 meters. The adult carts have the capacity of 9 HP, those for children – have the capacity of 5.5 HP