Equestrian sports centers


Izmailovo equestrian sports center opened in 1935 after the initiative of sport equestrians and a number of military cavalry commanders.

The Kremlin riding school

M: Tushinskaya.


The Equestrian Centre (EC) "Bitsa" is one of the largest equestrian complexes in Moscow and the only institution of its kind in the world in size and location.


The Equestrian club "Vzlet" was officially opened in September 2007. The name "Vzlet" was in honor of the first horse acquired, a Trakehner stallion. This breed of horses, as well as the Westphalian, makes up the majority of the club’s stock.


M: Sokolniki.


M: Rechnoy vokzal.


M: Alekseevskaya.


There is something about horses, which leads, lures and attracts people. There has been an inextricable link with the horse running through the history of mankind. Horses bring harmony and comfort to everyone dealing with them. The equestrian complex Levadia in Moscow invites those for whom being with horses is a step towards freedom.

The White Cottage

Equestrian Center “White Cottage” offers its clients classes in horseback riding, pony rides and horseback riding itself. For classes during winter, the club has three indoor riding areas. For summer classes, there is a parade ground as well as several stables.


M: Tëplyiy stan.