Showrooms Russian designers

Denis Simachev

Denis Simachev is one of the most fashionable and popular designers in Russia. In his boutique, you can find men's and women's wear, footwear and accessories. The main trends of his collections are USSR symbols, red, black and gold colors. Okhotny Ryad metro station.

Gorod Horoshego Nastroyeniya (City of good mood)

A clothing store of a young and pretty successful designer Natalia Novikova. Creations form knitted fabric and silk with hand-painted designs. As the creator says - "A piece of clothing that creates a mood - that is my credo." VDNKh metro station.

Alexander Terekhov

Long or short, provocative or elegant, stockinet or atlas, the dresses designed by Alexander Terekhov are always very feminine. A dress makes a woman a woman, says the designer. Alexander Trekhov passed his training in Yves Saint Laurent and soon afterwards became a truly prominent figure in the fashion industry, not only in Russia but also worldwide.

Alena Milanskaya

This Russian designer has studied in London. She started designing in 2004. Today Alena Milanskaya runs her own prêt-a-porter laboratory.

Alena Akhmadullina

Famous Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina graduated the Saint Petersburg Academy of technology and design. She is a regular participant of the Paris Fashion Week, as well as winner of numerous awards. Among her clients, there are stars of the stage, popular TV personalities, high society persons and representatives of the business elite.

Anna Miminoshvili

The brand is managed by the Real Profit Fashion company, created in 2009 for development and accumulation of experience in the realm of fashion business of Russia. Anna Miminoshvili is a graduate of Kosygin MSTU. She’s a successful designer working on the Russian market for more than 10 years.

Inna Bystrova

Inna Bystrova is a Russian fashion designer working in Deconstructivism avant-garde style. The main idea of this style is the possibility to transform clothes you wear. Inna has worked with fashion houses of Europe and Russia. In 2008, Inna opened her own design studio.


Russian clothing brand, that is popular not only in Russia but also abroad. The story of this brand started with a collection of t-shirts with life-like mouthwatering prints of food.

Masha Tsigal

Plush costumes with bunny ears and the brand star of designer Masha Tsigal are known all over the country. She started her career with selection and creation of costumes for the majority of Russian pop-artists.

Max Chernitsov

A Russian designer. In his collections, one can see traces of reflections about history and religion. Maxim creates not just clothes, but a whole philosophy with the motto: FOREVER YOUNG, ALWAYS HAPPY.