Railway Stations

Belarusian Railway Station

Belarusian Railway Station is a modern railway complex which meets all international standards and is capable of accommodating up to 50 thousand passengers a day. Belarusian Railway Station is the main link between Moscow and Russia's western regions, as well as with Eastern and Central Europe.

Kazansky Vokzal (Kazansky Railway Station)

Kazansky Vokzal, previously Ryazansky Vokzal, is a passenger terminal on the Moscow-Passazhirskaya-Kazanskaya Railroad. It is one of nine railroad terminals in Moscow. Metro: Komsomolskaya.

Kievsky Vokzal

Kievsky Vokzal used to be called Bryansky Vokzal, is a passenger terminal on the Moscow-Passazhirskaya-Kiev Railroad, and is one of nine Moscow rail terminals. It is a monument of architecture and engineering. Metro: Kievskaya.

Kursk Station

Kursk Station is one of the two transit stations in Moscow. 500 people an hour pass through Kursk Station.

Leningradsky Vokzal

Leningradsky Vokzal has been known in the past as Nikolaevsky and Oktyabrsky Vokzal and is passenger terminal for the Moscow-Oktyabrskaya Railroad. It is one of nine railway stations and the oldest station in Moscow. It is the only station in Moscow that is not part of the Moscow Railway. Metro: Komsomolskaya.

Paveletsky Station

Paveletsky Station is a major transportation hub and one of the 10 railway stations in the capital. It connects Moscow with the Volga Region, Central Black Earth Region, and also to several cities of the Caucasus.

Rizhsky Vokzal

Rizhsky Vokzal is the official name of the passenger terminal for the Moscow-Riga-Moscow Railroad. Rizhsky Vokzal is one of Moscow's railway stations and is located on Riga Square at the intersection of Prospekt Mira and Sushchevsky Val. At various times it was called Vindavsky, Baltysky, and Rzhevsky. Metro: Rizhskaya.

Savelovsky Vokzal

Savelovsky, formerly Butyrsky, Vokzal is a passenger terminal on the Moscow-Butyrskaya Railroad, one of Moscow's nine railway stations, and the only one exclusively serving electric commuter trains. Metro: Savelovskaya.

Yaroslavsky Vokzal

Yaroslavsky Vokzal is a veritable feat of architecture. The station is overwhelming, staggering even from first glance. Yaroslavsky Vokzal opened in 1862. The station is the largest in terms of carriage, serving about 300 daily train-pairs. M: Komsomolskaya.